If you fail a quiz, there are two ways for you to check what question you got wrong before you start again.

1) If you are still in the Quiz, use the "Review Results" button

The last slide of the quiz has a "Review Results" button.

Click on this button and a new tab will open in the original browser from which you launched the course.

Many users don't realise that the review appears in a new tab in the background, so please make sure you go back to the background browser and check all new tabs.

For this feature to work, your browser must allow pop-ups from lms.qintil.com.In rare occasions we have had users for which this wasn't the case. They all used a pop-up blocker and the only thing they had to do was include lms.qintil.com as an exception.

2) If you are not in the Quiz anymore, use the "Last Quiz result" icon

you can always check what questions you got wrong by clicking on the "Review Answers" icon in the Course Launch page as per the image below.

This will open the list of questions where you can see which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong.